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BI & Performance

Claridyne has Business Intelligence (BI) and Performance service which provides its customers with ability to take decision making to an entirely new level of “speed of imagination” and transition from the reactive to the proactive way of doing business to significantly increase productivity and competitiveness to adjust to ever changing challenges and conditions in business ecosystem.

As a part of this service, Claridyne will provide the following:

Predictive Analytics & Data Mining- By mining and making sense of Big Data, Claridyne can help you make more informed decisions faster and better.

Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) – Claridyne can help customers provide accurate and on-demand financial visibility to improve their business processes.

Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC)- Create an efficient, effective and practical means to analyze and act on processes across the enterprise.

ETL & Data Warehousing – Extract, Transfer and Load (ETL) and Data Warehousing can help customers with information needed to feed dashboards which in turn helps executive management to make the right decisions.

Information Management- This component will help you extract intelligence from already collected information.