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Infrastructure – Severs, Storage & Network Claridyne

Infrastructure – Severs, Storage & Network

We understand Infrastructure is the core of your IT and needs to be oiled and greased for smooth operation. We know how important ROI is for any client and we believe only way to achieve that is by efficiently using the available infrastructure and automate mundane activities.

Over the years, Claridyne has acquired talent and built frameworks that can help any client to effectively manage and support existing infrastructure while proactively planning for scalability to meet business growth. In-house developed framework is rich to help customers automate their routine work right from build to deployment.

Commoditization of infrastructure is the priority to many today and we are aware of what virtualization can do here. Whether it is VMWare, Oracle, Red Hat or Open Stack, we have the right team to support them. We offer flexible tariff that can fit every client and can support your infrastructure on-side or off-site. We also offer offshoring to keep your cost low.

Claridyne’s value proposition is to provide:

  • Ruthless Efficiency by responding to your ongoing needs for efficiency and growth
  • Bring in efficiency by means of automation
  • Provide best service making sure business SLA’s are met