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IT Staffing

Claridyne has extensive experience and expertise in IT Staffing. Whether it is product development, support, testing or implementation, we recruit top IT professionals for our clients across the United States who can deliver quickly during any phase of the project life cycle. We can supply resources in wide range of job disciplines and technologies including but not limited to Mobility, Big Data, Cloud, Microsoft, Oracle, etc.

Claridyne Offerings

A) Short-Term and Long-term Contract Staffing

We have the right sourcing mechanism to provide clients with the temporary contractors for a few weeks or for years to augment your existing team. Change is the only constant. We will stand by you to support any spike in your resource requirement.

B) Contract-2-Hire Staffing

You don’t know how comfortable you will be with the candidate or don’t know how the candidate is going to scale? Don’t worry. We are here to help you! We can place candidate on contract for initial few months and should you be more confident, we will be happy if you want to convert them to full-time (FT). No questions asked!

C) Full-Time Direct Hire Placement

Do you want to hire full time? Leave it us. We spend considerable time and effort to understand your requirement, culture and goal to find a right fit for you. Our experienced technical recruitment team will work hard to find the right resource, conduct due diligence and fit analysis, screen the candidate, and help in onboarding process to make sure you focus on your business while we take care of hiring.

Claridyne Advantage

We employ a meticulous and methodical process to recruit or source candidates for our clients. We take this seriously and we deliver the best talents. We use the most effective and best-of-class job search tools, processes and well trained recruiters to achieve our goals.

A) Understanding your Requirements: It all starts with the key task of “understanding the client's requirements”. Our “technology aware” recruitment team spend significant time and effort to understand your requirement.

B) Sourcing Right Candidates: Matching candidates to Job Description and organization culture is very important next step. Our recruitment team will hand pick the best available candidates to make sure candidate adds value to your portfolio

C) Technical Screening: Our in-house technical team capable of screening across technologies (e.g. Core Java, .NET, Big data - Hadoop, Hive, iOS, Android, QA etc.) and industries will screen and approve candidates before being presented to clients to deliver quality. Always!

D) Reference Checks and Background Checks: We carry out reference checks and background checks for each candidate 100% of the time and if we find any issue, we don’t recommend candidates for next step even if it means loosing the opportunity.

E) Compensation Negotiation: We negotiate the best possible compensation for the candidate and client by taking minimum margin per industry practice.