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FAQ Questions Claridyne

I. General - Corporate

I.1. What does Claridyne do?

Answer: Claridyne provides IT Products and Services to meet the myriad of IT challenges facing small, medium and large enterprises.

I.2 What makes Claridyne differ from other billing platform vendors?

Answer: Unlike other billing platform vendors in our space, Claridyne solution provides service providers with power and flexibility to easily implement and automate operations with minimal cost and complexity while allowing them to maximize their revenue streams.

Also, Claridyne product suite is uniquely positioned to provide power and flexibility to service providers in managing their core billing functions through various modules such as - Service Offering, Plan Setup, Profile Management, Rule Engine, Loader, Rating, Billing, Invoicing, Notification, Account Management, Web Self Care, Reporting Engine, Shopping Cart, System Monitoring, Scheduling & System Administration.

I.3 What kinds of market segments does Claridyne serve?

Answer: Claridyne Billing Platform namely CLARVANTAGE can be used for Voice, Video and Content services which includes but not limited to - VoIP, WiFi, Web Conferencing, Web Hosting, Video/Audio Streaming, Cable/DSL, Backup-Restore, Mobile and Wire-line.

I.4 How does Claridyne help its customers generate additional revenue streams?

Answer: Claridyne provides most innovative suite of products to service providers to help them maximize the revenue potential. Claridyne enables service providers launch new value-added services in a dynamic fashion for delivery of voice, video, data and contents to their customers.

I.5 Who are Claridyne's key customers and partners?

Answer: Claridyne customers and partners include Accolo, Ziren, TDP, Regency, Cisco, HP, Sun, 3COM, IBM, Jamcracker, CCMI and CCH.

I.6 What are Claridyne's competitive advantages?

Answer: Claridyne has consistently demonstrated its ability to stay at the cutting edge of technology in building its products. Few major factors that differentiate ClarVantage TM from other existing vendors in our category are:

  • Technology Edge – 100% based on a next-generation J2EE component-based architecture
  • ClarVantage is the first complete solution for multi-mediation and multi-service convergence
  • Fully integrated with mediation, provisioning, systems management, SLA management products
  • Portable, web based, scalable and easy to integrate
  • GUI driven configurability lowers deployment time & costs
  • Supports standards: IPDR, OSS/Java, XML, Web Services, DMTF
  • Runs on low cost, open source infrastructure like Linux, JBOSS, MYSQL
I.7 What are Claridyne's strategies for growth?

Answer: Claridyne’s approach to investing time and effort is consistent with our long-term strategic objectives and has positioned Claridyne to take advantage of FUTURE GROWTH opportunities. In addition to ClarVantage product suite, we also provide very cost-effective on-demand professional services to companies that need it in onsite, offsite or offshore modes.

II. ClarVantageTM- Billing & Customer Care Platform for SPs

II.1 What is ClarVantageTM?

Answer: ClarVantage radically simplifies Service Provider’s back-office infrastructure by providing integration platform, tools and applications that dramatically cuts costs and complexity of operations and enhances revenue streams, by enabling rapid launch of new applications and services. ClarVantage provides pre-integrated modules for Billing, Rating, Device Management, Subscriber Management and Customer Care with Web-Services based Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) for integration with back-office BSS/OSS systems and outsourced call-center services ClarVantage is available as a hosted service from Carrier-Class NOC (Network Operations Center) on a ‘Pay-Per-Use’ model or affordable perpetual license model. ClarVantage uses Services Oriented Architecture (SOA).

II.2 What are the features of ClarVantageTM?

Answer: ClarVantage offers a robust set of multi-vendor convergence feature that represents the best of the breed product to support multiple services. It offers convergence edge – simply a way to simplify even the most complex technology employed across network infrastructure and communication services. Clearly, Claridyne convergence guarantees return on investment, which is parallel to none in the industry. In addition to this, Claridyne product suite consists of the following features.

  • System, User & Account Management
  • Device Management and Subscriber Management
  • Service Data Integration & Service Launch
  • Rate Plan Creation, Rating, Billing and Invoicing
  • Multi-vendor element and multi-service convergence
  • Business Rule Engine
  • Web Based Self-Care and Customer Care
  • Reporting Engine
  • Multi-language and Multi-Currency Support
II.3 What types of services require ClarVantageTM?

Answer: Following are examples of few of the services that Claridyne software can support.

  • VoIP
  • Web Conferencing
  • Internet games
  • Mobile commerce
  • Cable/DSL/T1
  • Application and Digital Content Delivery
  • Music, Video, Movies on Demand
  • Bandwidth on demand
  • VAS - Email, Storage, Backup/restore, File sharing
  • Fixed and Mobile Phone
  • OnDemand Computing
II.4 What are the benefits of implementing a ClarVantageTM solution?

Answer: Value of ClarVantage TM for service providers is illustrated in the following table.

Service Provider Problem Claridyne Solution Benefits
Slow Launching of New Services New services easily definable through web based Graphical User Interface (GUI)
Complex Service Rate Plans New rate plans easily definable through web based GUI and ready-made templates
Expensive Network Integration GUI driven network integration, normalization & IPDR compatibility
Lack of Convergence - Multiple bills Service convergence on a single bill
Poor Customer Care coupled with Increased Customer Churn Integrated web based customer care
Limited Portability & Scalability J2EE allows high scalability & easy portability to multiple platforms
Difficult Integration with external vendor products J2EE technology provides standard approach to EAI problems
Costly Customization Most of the features made available through configuration and not customization
Large upfront, deployment, upgrade and maintenance cost Low cost of ownership
Revenue Leakage Claridyne has the technology, design and code to ensure that revenue leakage is minimal.
No ROI justification ROI in less than 18 months in most cases
II.5 What is the ROI potential of a ClarVantageTM?

Answer: Using Claridyne solution, we have demonstrated that a typical service provider with one million dollars in annual revenue in most of the cases can save 100,000 dollars or more in the very first year and significantly higher after that. And Claridyne will guarantee that customers will save more as their business grows.

II.6 What factors are considered when pricing out the system?

Answer: Some of the factors that Claridyne takes into account while pricing are: number of subscribers, number of CDRs/IPDRs, ($) revenue generated, geographical location of service, customization requirements etc.

II.7 What industry standards do ClarVantageTM comply with?

Answer: IPDR, OSS/Java, XML, Web Services and DMTF.

II.8 What is the scalability range for ClarVantageTM ?

Answer: Since Claridyne software is built using J2EE architecture, innovation for scalability has almost no limits. We can support very high number of transitions, even up to several millions as required by top-tier carriers.

II.9 Is the architecture of ClarVantageTM components open or proprietary?

Answer: Claridyne employs standards based open architecture (J2EE with MVC/Struts framework) and hence there is no risk in terms of Claridyne proprietary technology that might force service providers to depend only on a single vendor in future.

II.10 What is the normal implementation period for a ClarVantageTM product?

Answer: It really depends on size and customization needs of the customer. Typically we can implement Claridyne solution in a matter of 8-10 weeks for medium size service providers with 10,000 to 50,000 customers.

II.11 Does all our data have to be in the same format to be processed by your systems?

Answer: No, data can come in multiple formats (ASCII, EBCIDIC) and Claridyne product architecture is built to handle that.

II.12 What kind of data can be captured, collected and processed by ClarVantageTM ?

Answer: Practically any kind of data (IPDR, CDR, XDR in position based)

II.13 In what format are the usage records maintained in the database?

Answer: Usage records are maintained in XML format in the database (Oracle, MYSQL, MS SQLServer, DB2 etc.)

II.14 What type of security does your system offer?

Answer: Claridyne takes security of client data as a very serious matter and has built a product suite with best-of-the-breed encryption technology, SSL and fire walls to achieve that.

II.15 From what types of switches can your system collect?

Answer: Claridyne product architecture is built to support any switch in a dynamic fashion and by the way no code change is required to handle change in switch or change in format of incoming usage data.

II.16 What are typical product platforms that ClarVantageTM supports?

Answer: ClarVantageTM supports multiple product platforms…for example it supports multiple application servers, database servers, web servers and application-related products.

II.17 Do you maintain the customer server at hosting data center?

Answer: We can certainly do that. We can also license customers to host it in their own location for reasonable extra fees.

II.18 Is your system web based and does the system use graphical user interfaces?

Answer: Yes, Claridyne product suite is 100% web-based and it uses a totally GUI based architecture of Struts (MVC) framework.

II.19 What application is used for producing reports in ClarVantageTM ?

Answer: Claridyne has built it’s own Reporting Engine using open sources – Jasper, iReport, JFreeChart, CeWolf, Java Server Pages (JSPs) using Struts (MVC) framework etc.

II.20 What systems/vendors currently receive CDRs from your system?

Answer: Currently none but we are negotiating with some key EBPP partners for one of our current billing system customers.

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