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With our expertise and track record across diverse spectrum of IT domains and in multiple industry verticals, we are confident that we can build one-of-a-kind, state-of-the-art, enterprise software solution and provide highest quality services and hence guarantee to increase the overall operational efficiency, drastically reduce the infrastructure investment and running maintenance costs. Following are some of the services that we can offer:

IT Staffing

Claridyne has extensive experience and expertise in IT Staffing. We have what it takes to succeed in successful placement closures. Sourcing the right candidate to suit client’s Job Description is key to our long-term success. We have implemented the whole process of sourcing exceptionally matching candidates through a comprehensive and step-by-step approach which involves using our network of contacts and Job Boards, screening, qualifying etc. in a very short span of turn-around time.

Claridyne offers:

A) Short-Term and Long-term Contract Staffing

We have the right sourcing mechanism to provide clients with the temporary contractors for a few weeks or a few years to augment your existing team.

B) Contract-2-Hire Staffing

We can provide our clients with IT professionals to work initially on contract basis and if client and contractor mutually agree to work out a Full-Time position per Master Service Agreement, we will be very happy to allow them to hire that candidate on Full-Time (FT) basis.

C) Project/Product Team Staffing

For clients who need IT staff to help them manage project(s) or product development, we can help them with staff members with the required skill set.

D) Full-Time Direct Hire Placement

We can find talented resources for clients to be hired for their needs of Full-Time positions.


We employ a meticulous and methodical process to recruit or source candidates for our clients. We take this task seriously and we deliver the best quality talents. We use the most effective and best-of-class job search tools and well trained recruiters to achieve our goals.

A) Understanding of Requirements: It all starts with the key task of “understanding the client's requirements”.

B) Sourcing Right Candidates: Matching candidates to Job Description and organization culture is very important next step.

C) Technical Screening: We use technical experts in multiple areas (e.g. Core Java, .NET, Hadoop, iOS, Android, QA etc.) to screen candidates based on our thorough understanding of the requirements by taking into account the environment of the client organization.

D) Reference Checks and Background Checks: We carry out reference checks and background checks for each candidate 100% of the time and if we find any issue, we don’t recommend candidates for next step even if it means loosing the opportunity.

E) Compensation Negotiation: We negotiate the best possible compensation for the candidate and client by taking minimum margin per industry practice.

In addition to the above, we also offer the following services to our clients:

  • Education & Training
  • BI & Performance
  • Cloud Computing
  • Mobility (Android ,iOS and Windows)
  • Managed Services
    • Infrastructure – Severs, Storage & Network
    • Databases
    • Middleware
    • Applications
    • ERPs
    • QA/Testing
  • Projects
  • DevOps
  • Websites Design & Development
  • SEO & Digital Marketing
  • Business Process Outsourcing
  • Platforms & Integration
  • Systems Integration
  • Support Services (24x7)